Fourth Annual Open Endoscopy Forum (OEF)

at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
September 28-30th, 2018, Cambridge MA. USA

On behalf of the organizing committee, we want to express our appreciation and excitement for your participation in this novel educational event. The fourth Annual Open Endoscopy Forum will be held September 28-30th, 2018 at MIT in Cambridge MA, USA.

Come and join us for a unique weekend interacting with surgeons, scientists, entrepreneurs who will educate and challenge you discussing cutting-edge developments in our speciality and beyond. We dare you to come and not learn something new you will introduce into your practice !

Organizing Committee:

Ellis Downes – Program Chair
Linda Griffith
Keith Isaacson
Paya Pasic
Charles Miller
Ceana Nezhat
Peter Rosenblatt
Rob Zurawin

We invite you to attend this novel educational forum and provide your feedback on the value of this innovative format.

The presentations will be in TED style format.

OEF – 2018: Speakers (Partial list)

Jessica Shepherd, MD, Baylor University Medical Centre, Dallas
“Unveiling of Sex, Society and Surgery…. The Sacred Process

Ruth Bunker Lathi, MD, Associate Professor of Ob/Gyn, R&E, and Infertility, Stanford University
“Egg Freezing: Who benefits?”

Sarah Brucker, MD, Prof. Ob/Gyn & Medical Director, Research Institute on Women’s Health, Univesity of Tübingen, Germany

Gary Donowitz, MD, Founder and Chairman BioTE Medical, LLC.
“Bio-identical Hormones Why do we focus more on the risk than the benefits?”

Isaac Schiff, MD, Harvard Medical School
“Bio-identical hormones: An alternate perspective”

Ridhi Tariyal, CEO, NextGen Jane (Oakland, CA)
“How the Ebola crisis will bring new fertility choices to women in America”

Steve Palmer, PhD, Baylor College of Medicine, Assoc. Prof., Director of Lead Discovery & Development
“Fallout6-Women’s health drug discovery: Reproductive health reboot”

Roz Picard, PhD, Professor of Media Arts & Sciences,Director, Affective Computing Research Group, MIT Media Lab
“What can we learn about the patient’s brain, stress, and mood from a wristband? The future of mood and stress measurement”

Jay Hudgens, MD Eastern Virginia Medical School
“Automated surgery: science fiction or science reality”

Tim McKinnery
“How To Commercialize Your Idea”

Tim Deimling, MD,Penn State OB/Gyn

Third Annual Open Endoscopy Forum OEF - Photo Gallery


An incredible behind the scenes look at researchers, both academic and clinical, how they think, challenges they face, and outcomes. Most importantly they expose themselves to their human side…. challenges, hopes and frailties.”
A must if you can

Peter J. Maher
Clinical Professor
Director, Endosurgery
University of Melbourne
Mercy Hospital for Women, Heidelberg

Brilliant, interesting and thought provoking meeting. The leading endoscopists of the world and best MIT scientists speaking freely about things that matter most.

Roy Mashiach, MD
Vice Chair Department of OBGYN
Sheba Medical Center
Tel Aviv, Isreal

We are very excited about hosting the fourth annual OEF. Most who attended the previous OEF felt this was a weekend of learning, dialogue and camaraderie like no other they had experienced.
World class lecturers raised the bar to teach in a TED-like format which included telling a personal story while making important teaching points. There was laughter, tears and an incredible amount of education.

Views talks from previous year here.