Fourth Annual Open Endoscopy Forum (OEF)

at Massachusetts Institute of Technology
September 28-30th, 2018, Cambridge MA. USA

On behalf of the organizing committee, we want to express our appreciation and excitement for your participation in this novel educational event. The fourth Annual Open Endoscopy Forum will be held September 28-30th, 2018 at MIT in Cambridge MA USA.

We invite you to attend this novel educational forum and provide your feedback on the value of this innovative format.

The presentations will be in TED style format.

Third Annual Open Endoscopy Forum OEF - Photo Gallery

We are very excited about hosting the third annual OEF. Most who attended the first and the second OEF felt this was a weekend of learning, dialogue and camaraderie like no other they had experienced.
World class lecturers raised the bar to teach in a TED-like format which included telling a personal story while making important teaching points. There was laughter, tears and an incredible amount of education.

We encourage everyone to look at a few of the talks from 2016 that are featured here.

Three of the non-gynecologists speakers from last year are profiled below (Cady Coleman, Toni Bentley, Chuck Vacanti).

Organizing Committee:

Paya Pasic – Program Chair
Linda Griffith
Keith Isaacson
Charles Miller
Ceana Nezhat
Peter Rosenblatt
Rob Zurawin

Confirmed Speakers: (Third Annual Open Endoscopy Forum):

Mauricio Abrao
Eric Alm
Hanan Alsalem
Michael Birnbaum
Jose Carugno
Alan DeCherney
Ellis Downes
Tomaso Falcone
Ray Garry

Ambareen Jan
Dina Katabi
Rosanne Kho
Peter Maher
Jessica McKinney
Lilo Metler
Kate O’Hanlan
Harry Reich
Chris Sutton


Cady Coleman is a NASA Astronaut who has spent 180 days in space, accumulated over two Space Shuttle missions and a six-month expedition to the International Space Station (ISS). She launched to the ISS from Russia aboard a Soyuz TMA-01M spacecraft.  Over the course of the Expedition 26/27 mission aboard the ISS, she acted as the lead robotics and science officer, performing the second-ever free flyer robotic capture from the ISS.
After returning from space, Coleman integrated supply ship operations for NASA’s newest commercial partners, SpaceX and Orbital.  Currently, she works for NASA’s Chief Technologist, managing innovation programs and creative public-private partnerships.  She graduated from MIT with a B.S. in Chemistry and earned a Ph.D in Polymer Science and Engineering from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. She was commissioned in 1983 as a second lieutenant and served in the US Air Force for 26 years.


Toni Bentley is a former NYC ballerina and award-winning writer about the frontiers of women’s sexuality, and a frequent commentator and reviewer for the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and other popular publications. The play based on her acclaimed book, the Surrender, played to sold out crowds in Madrid, Edinburgh, and is now in New York.


Chuck Vacanti, MD, the former Chair of Anesthesiology at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, launched the field of tissue engineering into the popular limelight when he created living cartilage in the shape of a human ear on the back of a mouse.  The twists and turns of his collaboration with japanese scientists in stem cell investigations were recently profiled in The New Yorker.