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OEF 2018 Padma Lakshmi

Padma Lakshmi
The Importance of Connecting Through Others Through Sharing Our Stories

OEF 2018 Tamer Seckin

Tamer Seckin
In Bed With The Beast

OEF 2018 Steve Palmer

Steve Palmer
Fallout 6-Women’s health drug discovery: Reproductive health reboot

OEF 2018 Ridhi Tariyal

J Ridhi Tariyal
How the Ebola crisis will bring new fertility choices to women in America?”

OEF 2018 Kristen Matteson

Kristen Matteson
The Period… or The Patient

OEF 2018 Roz Picard

Roz Picard
What can we learn about the patient’s brain, stress, and mood from a wristband?

OEF 2018 Sara Brucker

Sara Brucker
Gynaecological Surgery

OEF 2018 Tim McKinney

Tim McKinney
How To Commercialize Your Idea?

OEF 2018 Vinay Rane

Vinay Rane
What Can Surgeons Learn From Astronauts?

OEF 2018 Ruth Bunker

Ruth Bunker Lathi
Egg Freezing: Who benefits?

OEF 2018 Tim Deimling

Tim Deimling
It’s all in your head

OEF 2018 Cassius Kiani

Cassius Kiani
How Can Blockchain Change Healthcare?

OEF 2018 Lilo Mettler

Lilo Mettler
Hysterectomy – what do I know, and what should I know?

OEF 2018 Jay Hudgens

Jay Hudgens
Automated surgery: science fiction or science reality

OEF 2018 Temitope Awosogba

Temitope Awosogba
Beyond Marion Sims – Where Next ?

OEF 2018 Licia Raymond

Licia Raymond
The Tenacity of a MIGS Surgeon

OEF 2018 Gary Donowitz

Gary Donowitz
Bio-identical Hormones Why do we focus more on the risk than the benefits?

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