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Ali Amiri
To the Periphery and Beyond

Andrew Brill
Do you see what I see? Tools for surgical mentoring.

Alan DeCherney
What Consitutes Innovation in Surgery?

Ellis Downes
What the Patient Should Expect from a Gynecologist

Amy Garcia
Building a Community: Lessons Learned from Peace, Love and Janice

Linda Griffith
Move Over Mice

Keith Isaacson
Teach A Surgeon to Fish

Grace Janik
Endometriosis: 9 years, 5 doctors, 3.2 surgeries later

Charles Koh
Serendipity, Sensibility, Sense – on tha way to laparoscopic surgery

Charles Miller
State of Affairs in Reproductive Medicine – From Innovation to Wall Street

Ceana Nezhat
We Are All Different and That is a Good Thing

Kate O’Hanlan
Establishing Standards for Laparoscopic Approaches in Gynecologic Surgery

David Olive
Building Better Surgeons With Childrens’s Books

Paya Pasic
From Refugee to the World: Whatever Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger

Peter Rosenblatt
The End of Innovation in Gynecologic Surgery

Warren Volker
Dr. Google: Medical consumerism in the age of the internet

Paul Wetter
Medical Apps – How they will change your practice

Errico Zupi
Art and Wine: Two Italian Miracles

Richard Gimpleson
I Am The Next Thomas Edison

Harry Reich
The Rule of Common Sense Should Prevail In Gynecologic Surgery But Rarely Does!

Keith Isaacson
Closing the First Open Endoscopy Forum

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